Well, well...Where have *you* been?

That is what I have been hearing from most friends as of late. Since it seems --and righthly so-- that I pulled a dissapearing act. Yes, *poof* just like that. I wish I could say that I have been travelling or exploring the inner trenches of our city. Better yet, left all my belongings and joined a Buddhist monastery on a sabbatical of fancy to meditate on my many, many --well, perhaps not that many-- sins. Alas that is not the case. In fact, quite the opposite. I have stayed at home watching unhealthy amounts of the History and Discovery channels --not necessarily by choice-- and writing away my sorrows. I swear that if a gream Canadian novel does not come out of this I heads are going to roll! But basically just taking it easy and recuperating. Yes, you read right: recuperating. It is sad to say but I have been diagnosed with a condition that although not life threating --well, there is always a chance of that, but then again there is always a chance of being hit by a bus everytime you walk out the door-- has taken a good chunk of my time, patience and general happy disposition. However, it does not really affect my mind, so technically you will be seeing more of my adventures and mis-adventures in the weeks to come. So for those who kept on asking -- I am alive, and I am back.

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