ZEN and Other Teachings

1.) What is the sound of your head smashing into the ground? 2-) What is the name of the erotic screams you hear from outside your girlfriend’s apartment when surprise her by taking the afternoon off. 3-) A falling skyscraper is not best tool to be used as a sundial, especially if you are inside it. 4-) If a computer is suicidal, does it reboot itself? 5-) Love: Is like a gorgeous and rare flower, it dies 6-) If a jackhammer falls out of the sky, hits you in the head and knocks you into a coma does that mean God doesn’t like you? 7-) Suffering a stroke and a massive coronary failure simultaneously during orgasm blows. 8- He who runs into incoming fire could be called courageous, I prefer 'bullet sponge.' 9-) Healthy living is alive in Mexico where running for the US border is an Olympic sport. 10-) Enlarged brain tumour due to over use of cell phone verifies that brain size means nothing. 11-) Art is dying! Don't believe me? See Yoko Ono's show, and cry. 12-) "Royalty" is a romantic word for "Inbreeding."

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