From the Archives II

(Notes at bottom). The Date The sweat on the small of his back gave it all away The fulfilment from the date was surprising for a first As it is hard to resist love on the first day of May And a Spring which makes people for seduction lust and thirst Regardless of age, from time to time one needs to do wild, crazy things For unfulfilled passion can easily bore both, and the status quo Thus one should eat to eat, drink-to-drink and sing-to-sing Or risk becoming a restive fool, as your soul doesn’t know where else to grow Her closed eyes and simper Was a delight for him to watch! As time no longer ruled his office Surprisingly, he had hired his very match The picture on his desk was neatly facing down No need to execute the feeling For morality was really, the last thing on their minds As this night would not be forgotten Come lovers! Break the chains and bind For reality would have eventually caught you …And as for the children? Their parents will soon take the stand For his heavy gold wedding band Given to prove to the Lord her undying love Was nowhere near his hand But on an inside jacket pocket on the floor (Someone once asked me to write about one of the topics that I hate to think about. Well, the idea of cheating has always bothered me, because like anyone, I would never want to be on the receiving end, so I wrote this as an exercise, I think it came out okay).

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