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I while ago, I had to do a little bit of rearranging in my place. As fate would have it, I ended up finding some really old notes inside one of the dressers, particularly a notebook that I had not seen in a number of years. Now, I am not a big fan of poetry, but it seems like I used to since somehow I managed to scrape forty odd poems out of my head. So I though it interesting if I shared a few of them with you. (The strange spacing on the second and fifth verse may seem odd but the sentences was to long for this blog, but the flow seemed to get all messed up if I made them into different sentences so I just left them alone).

Sirens There is nothing to hide within Our eyes. For they are as a looking glass Alluring. A reverie, far away from sin But gaze too near and you will miss our tide Otherwise, a ramping tempest or a venturesome kiss of delirious spring In your new course you’ll come to utterly comprehend. Voyager, draw closer to our den. Bless from our humility standing tall. Let us your shell mend and amend For in our isle, we’ll boast a drink in your heart Urging in canorous song, to find in thy sextant what it is that you thirst for And for winds and waves to come in wreath and succor Thus, benefiting thy endeavour… to this we promise our Lord. Our choir’s serenade travels the sequestered realms In your mind…Tie not your thoughts to a sinking ship Flee! Escape from your wooden maelstrom of subsistence Release thyself on the tantalizing bloom of the daughters of Hecate It is thy will to allow our liaison to flourish. To embrace and opiate in our shapes and gifts Breathe in our skin, with levity spoken for by Gods For it is bestowed upon us the pietant recourse to sift, through the brave and the lost Navigate thy swelling head and heel to the red coral of providence Let us be your compass of your recourse As your blood and flesh inveigle us Do not protest! Do not deny! Do not let your ears be dour! Unite in our Arcady of souls Plunge your quest underneath ours cotton crests Your vessel will share its wealth, as you will share ours Our deep treasure, hidden from all others in the blanket of the sea Follow, Voyager, follow the tail of our song Like a summer’s sunset, your odium will not linger or be long, Near the rocks you shall peacefully rest, from your weary journey Follow, you who are so fond, fall for the calling of our tongue Voyager, voyagers follow the tails of our song

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